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Utilities Division

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Mid-America found a need sixteen years ago that companies were being over charged on utility
claims. We established our utility division to fulfill a client need. Our objective is to reduce the dollar amount our clients have to pay in the settlement of utility damage claims.

Our Service includes the following:

Provides a consulting services for fiber optic, power poles, railroad crossing, guard rails, underground vaults along with bridges and locomotives. If our review does not save your company money then there will be no charge.

  • Telecommunication
  • Broadband/ Fiber Optics
  • Power/ Electric- Gas/ Pipeline
  • Water/Sewer, Railroad crossing including locomotive damage
    Bridges, Environmental spills and cleanup

If you are concerned with the rising cost of utilities damage claims we provide:

  • Initial Consultation
  • Determination of Liability
  • Invoice Analysis
  • Negotiation- Settlement
  • Subrogation-Recovery
  • Assistance with Legal/ Mediation matters

We Offer

Experience and Expertise in the utility industry that has allowed us to realize a great deal of success in the reduction of liability for utility damages.


To provide consulting services that result in savings to our clients and reduce the amount they pay for utility settlements.

Our unique contingent fee arrangement brings a win-win result to our clients. If we cannot reduce the cost then there is no fee to your company for that review.

Mid-America’s Utilities Division Consultants have the experience and expertise needed to assist you in determining liability and settlement of utility damage claims.
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